Pitchmastic PmB - World Leaders in Structural Protection

Pitchmastic PmB is a specialist manufacturer, distributor and installer of the world renowned PmB and BlueShield PmB spray applied waterproofing systems together with expansion joints and other projection systems.

In addition to these products and services, Pitchmastic PmB is a licensed supplier of the world's most technically advanced specialist construction products, enabling the company to offer its clients the comfort of a 'one stop' shop solution. Continuous innovation and tailor-made solutions ensures that the company is able to stay at the forefront of technological devlopments in the world of structural waterproofing.

The company originates from the UK with a history dating back some 60 years during this time has gained a wealth of experience in bridges, tunnels, car parks, roofing, podium decks and swimming pool applications.

In addition to its UK based operations, Pitchmastic PmB also has offices through out the Middle East and joint venture partnerships in Asia, Europe and America.

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